Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my wedding pictures are going to be a blurb

I could be like most other brides and sit back and have my photog create a wonderful coffee table book for me with the best pictures from our special day... but that wouldn't be the very hands-on and fabulous miss starfish way to do things, right? Of course not. I've got a better plan.

When Mr. Starfish and I took a recent trip to Ireland, we took some a-mazing pictures. As in some are worthy of National Geographic, they're that good! Maybe I'm just biased, but I wanted them to be showcased in something other than a Facebook album or one of my oh-so-trendy Ikat picture frames on my bookcase. That's when I found Blurb!

Blurb is an awesome service that lets you upload your pictures, add pages, and do your own thing before they make it into a BEAUTIFUL, hard cover, dust covered, glossy piece of perfection that looks stunning on your coffee table. All for a price that's not too shabby. Especially when you google a coupon before you order. So that's where my wedding pictures will be going... straight into the Blurb machine!

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jessica lynn said...

i put all of our pictures in a blurb book and the outcome was awesome! hope yours turns out well! :)